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Comparison between PMP and PRINCE2 Certifications

There are two popular Project Management Certifications world-wide – one is PMP while the other one is PRINCE2.  They have certifications called Project Management Professional , called PMP in short, conducted by PMI and PRINCE2 delivered by Axelos.
These two certifications are equally reputed and accepted across the globe. In this article we will compare the two certifications. Before that let us understand what they are.
PMP (Project Management Professional)
PMP certification is not restricted to any particular industry but it covers all concepts of Project Management which are applicable across projects. Thus people can leverage PMP irrespective of their industry background.
PMP gives you knowledge and skills which are necessary for successful project management and delivery.
PRINCE 2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments)
Owned by UK's Cabinet Office, PRINCE2 is the  project management methodology which was  designed  for various projects of the UK government. Presently it is owned by a new joint venture company called AXELOS based in UK. 
It consists of 3 stages of certification:
1.     Foundation Course (It is basic level and easy to pass)
2.     PRINCE2 Practitioner (moderate level )
3.     PRINCE2 Professional (It is expert level)
One needs to pass the Foundation level certification before one can do the Practitioner level certification. It is not uncommon for individuals to do both the levels at the same time.
Some people believe that PMP is more oriented towards service sector projects while PRINCE2 is more aligned towards manufacturing and industrial sectors. They insist that the methodologies should be applied to their industries only to be more effective.
Based on usage of the methodologies, we find that PMP is generally used by American companies for their projects. These companies utilize PMP certified project managers to deliver their projects across the world or geography.
Prince2 on the other hand is primarily used in UK and Europe. Besides, it is also used in other colonial countries of UK like Canada, Australia and parts of Middle-East and Asia. Often, Aid agencies of UK and Europe undertake projects in developing countries and insist on PRINCE2 certified Project Managers.
So whenever an individual wants to get certified in Project Management they are unsure of which certification to follow. One way to decide is to check the geography in which the person will deliver projects. Based on the company and the geography, they can choose the appropriate certification.
While both the certifications are comparable and acceptable, one should remember that PMP Certification is equivalent to PRINCE2 practitioner level only. We also find that there are individuals who have done both the certifications. However, it is not necessary to do both – as both of them are equivalent. On the other hand we find several talented individuals who do not have either of these certifications but are experts in Project Management.
As far as differences among the exams go, PMP examination is conducted in Online Mode only while PRINCE2 is available in Online and Paper exam modes. Some individuals are more comfortable with paper exams and hence they often choose PRINCE2 for their certifications. PMP exams are multiple choice questions while the Prince2 foundation is fully multiple choice while Practitioner exam is scenario based and more elaborate.
If one wish to focus on a career as a Project Manager then it is better to go for certification – which one to do should be driven by the geography in which they operate.
PaliumSkills offers training on PRINCE2 and PMP Certification to individuals and corporates. Our experienced team of Project Management professionals guides individuals through the certification process.
Palium also conducts trainings on demand to meet specific needs of customer. In course of training participants learn and understand concepts from knowledgeable trainers which help them to implement them at their workplace.
This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra. The views shared are those of the individual and he has no connection to any coaching centers or teaching faculties.

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