Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Why are more and more Indians Learning German?

More and more people in India are learning Foreign Languages. The most popular foreign
languages being French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin. There are
different reasons why people learn the German language and they can be briefly
described as –
1. It is part of school syllabus and curriculum as the 3rd language – All Kendriya
Vidyalayas and International Schools and ICSE schools offer German as a 3rd language.
This has led to immense demand for learning German from Students from over 500+ schools
in India.
2. One wishes to go to Germany for higher studies and one gets credit for knowing the
language. The number of students going to Germany has gone up sharply. Besides, higher
education has been made completely free which ensures students get quality education at a
much lower cost
3 A person maybe visiting Germany frequently on business and needs to interact with the
German counterparts and colleagues in their language. Top successfully MNCs like BMW,
BASF, Mercedes Benz, SAP, Siemens are based out of Germany. Germany is a top choice
for Engineering, Automobiles and Science.
4 Need to learn more about German language, literature and culture – Germany has a rich
heritage of literature and culture.

5. Need to live in Germany and must know the language – another reason why people learn
German is that they have to live in Germany and for which they definitely need to learn the
German Language

6. An avid traveller would want to interact with the local people during visits

7. Germany is one of the top economies of Europe and the language is spoken in several
European countries

Considering the growing popularity and requirement for German speaking professionals in German companies or in KPOs & BPOs amongst companies, experts predict tremendous growth in opportunities in this domain. For those evaluating career options, it is recommended to add this skillset to their kitty and move in at the earliest opportunity.

Palium Skills offers classroom training in Kolkata and online classes for German courses at different proficiency levels.

For whatever reason one needs to learn German, we are by your side helping you to reach your objective.

Advantages of studying at Palium Skills are many. Some of them are –

Our Advantage:

1. Small batch size ensures better learning

2. Excellent faculty with great knowledge and ability to teach the same in a straight forward manner

3. Interactive classes through different medium including conversations, audio and video means

4. Anytime admission and Flexible weekday/weekend schedule

5. Convenient locations - Salt Lake & South Kolkata

For more questions, call us and discuss about the learning opportunities here –

This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra who himself has studied German language from Palium Skills. The views shared are those of the individual and has no connection to the coaching center or teaching faculties.

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