Tuesday, 1 October 2019

What to know before visiting a foreign country?

Which country do you want to visit? The country that you have always wanted to visit. A country of
your dreams, a land that has been beckoning you since your childhood. But before you go there one
needs to prepare for the trip.  Preparation does not mean only shopping and luggage. It means reading
up on local customs and traditions, learning about the people, their food habits, their culture,
literature and language.

Language is particularly important as in some of the countries no foreign languages are understood.
Countries in Europe, South America, parts of Africa require knowledge of German, Spanish and
French. Infact in some of these countries it is very important to know the survival basics. One needs to know the custom, traditions and culture so one can better identify with the people else very often visitors end up making fools of themselves due to their ignorance or lack of efforts to learn about these vital aspects of any country.

Learn the language of the country...it will help you to understand the country and its people in a better
way... You may have a different reason for going to a new country- for employment, for business, for higher studies or just as a tourist ...  whatever be the reason, make sure you know the local language.

It is not only important for survival but also for understanding the local culture and traditions

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Price of Quality

Quality cannot be cheap. Most people seek best quality products at cheap prices. Nothing can be 

further from the truth. Quality has a price - we need to pay the right price to get the appropriate 

quality. Remember it is a competitive world and if someone gives low quality at higher price then 

they will not survive in the market place. 

The best example is that of Apple products. Yes they are costly when compared to other Android 

phones but what we don't consider is that cheaper Android phones don't last as long as the Apple one

do. Often we end up spending more in the long run than what the Apple products cost! 

Similarly in education, quality of education matters which is dependent on quality of faculty, number 

of students in class, coverage of course etc. A class with 20 students can be done at fraction of the 

cost of delivering the same course with 5 students. 

Some of the stories heard by us are as follows -

Case No.1: A father described their ordeal when he got his daughter admitted in a institute by 

paying  half the fees. After 3 months, the class is yet to start and they do not have a date yet on when 

it will start. With so much money invested, they are unable to step back!

Case No. 2: A candidate took admission in a computer center to learn Advance Excel. He got an 

attractive offer which was almost one third of the charges at other popular institutes. He was excited 

but realised the truth when he went for his first class and found 19 other candidates in the class.  The 

instructor would demonstrate and expect all the participants to follow on their own. He managed to 

resolve/ answer queries of three to four candidates in every class as he did not have the time to attend 

to individual queries!

Case No. 3: A young professional enrolled at a institute to learn SQL. He took a total of 5 classes 

there before he stopped going. The reason being that in every class he had a new instructor who 

would start from the first chapter each class. Repeated complaints failed to resolve his issues leading 

to him dropping off from the class!

Such examples abound and we hear more and more of such cases everyday.

As one can see, paying the right price for the appropriate quality is very very important. So even if 

one pays a little more directly and gets better value, that is better than paying less and getting inferior 

quality deliverables. As one will agree, the quality of learning is much more in the latter case! So be 

careful about what you choose ....

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Is knowledge of Foreign Language required in Cruise Careers?

A career in Cruise ship is a coveted job for young people seeking international careers.

The job is not very glamorous and entails considerable hard work. Yes, one does get to see different places all over the world and live a great life. The job is well paying but requires good communication and customer care skills.

One of the important requirements of the job is the knowledge off Foreign Language like French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese etc. People from these countries are very frequent tourists often going on such luxurious trips.

Knowledge of a foreign language helps in interactions with international tourists who go on a cruise ship. They are often rich, famous or semi-retired elderly couples. The latter group of people don't always know international language like English. They will know only their country language and hence it is helpful if people on the cruise can speak their language.

Recently several candidates from the cruise industry did the French Class and Spanish Course at our Center in Kolkata. Several people often do the course online through a one-on-one basis.

This is what one of the participants had to say -

However, learning a language requires patience and time. It is not easy but a good faculty can help you transition into the language in  less painful way. Foreign Languages are to be learnt over a period of time in a gentle manner. One needs to start at the basic beginners level and gradually progress to a higher level after passing global exams like DELE, DELF or JLPT. The good thing about these exams is that they are accepted globally. Students get credit points when they go abroad for higher studies. People seeking immigration also get credit which they can use to enhance their profiles.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Is foreign language helpful for careers in Aviation, Hotels, Tourism, Shipping?

Knowing a foreign language is very useful for those in global industries like Aviation, Hotels, Tourism, Shipping etc.

It is also useful for those who want to expand their business in other countries and continents.

Another reason people in Hospitality industry learn a foreign language is for their internship at famous European holiday locations and hotels. Last year 4 participants from a Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata went to a top Hotel in Spain while 2 others when to France for doing their internship.

Spanish is very popular in large parts of Europe and South America. Similarly, French is popular in Europe, large parts of Africa and Canada.

Those wanting to immigrate to Canada get additional credits if they can show proficiency in French.

German language is popular in Germany- one of the top economies in the world. Besides, they are offering free higher education opportunities for global students.

Languages like Japanese and Chinese remain popular for those intending to work in and live in those countries.

So don't postpone your learning - enroll with us today and learn the language of your choice!!!

Monday, 1 April 2019

Why is Python Programming becoming so popular?

Why is Python Programming so popular? Among all the programming languages like C, Java etc, 

python is seeing rapid increase in use and popularity.

There are many reasons for Python’s popularity. The main  reason is it’s use of non-cryptic 

programming syntax. It uses a pseudo programming language which is almost like writing English 

phrases. So it is easy for non-technical people also to learn this programming language.

Another reason for its popularity, it that it is being used extensively in all aspects of programming. It 

is  commonly used in tasks like Scripting, Web Development, Automation, Testing, Data Analysis, 

Web Scraping etc. 

Gradually it is becoming the most preferred language for developers. It is used extensively in 

companies like Google, Pinterest, Dropbox and others. So opportunities for Python Developers is 

opening up and we expect to see more demand for the skill in the future.

It is used within Frameworks like Django, Flask, Jupyter and others. 

As is evident it is a very powerful and versatile language that can be easily learnt and adopted by one 

and all.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

How to Start a New Business?

How to start a new business?

 One can start a new business by following these steps:

Many years ago, we started a small business. There was not much help available and we learnt things as we went along - learning things on the fly and doing course correction. This gave us the impetus to share with others what they need to do start a new business - even if one does not have prior experience. So read on and best wishes for your new venture!

We also offer a course telling people how to start a Export Import business in India from Kolkata or Eastern India. So we thought budding entrepreneurs would be interested to know how to start a business in India from anywhere in India be it Kolkata, Guwahati, Patna or Ranchi.

The start of any company is a business idea. So if you think you've found a great business idea and eager to take the next step then read on. There is more than just registering it with the state to start a corporation. To begin your foreign language instruction company, we have put together this simple step guide. Such measures will ensure the proper planning and registration of your new business in a legal manner.

STEP 0: Separate yourself and your business

The biggest challenge that all entrepreneurs or promoters have is that they are not able to separate themselves from the business. It is quite similar to how parents feel when their children grow up but refuse to accept the reality.

STEP 1: Create a Plan for your Business

A famous person once said - the devil is in the detail. It is more true when it comes to starting your business. A detailed plan and well thought out plan is a recipe for success as an new business person. It will help you plan out the details of your business but never the less be prepared to discover some unknowns. A few important points to consider are:
  • What are the initial investments required?
  • Who is your target market? Where is the target audience
  • How long will it take you to break even?
  • What will be the name your business?
  • What is the best location for your business?
Choosing the right name is very important. You will also want a website in the name of your business so be sure to check out if the same is available.

STEP 2: Form a separate legal entity distinct from yourself

Establishing a separate legal entity distinct from yourself prevents you from being being held liable if the business were to be taken to court. It is better to engage the services of a knowledgeable professional who can guide you on the right path.

STEP 3: Pay your tax dues

One of the things we learnt as we went along is that a business should always stay on the right side of the law whether it is taxes or financial accounts. So ensure you are registered for the correct taxes in your country and you pay your correct taxes on time.

STEP 4: Opening a bank account

All business transactions should go through the business bank account only. This also helps to separate your personal transactions from that of the business. When your personal and business accounts are mixed, your personal assets (your home, car, and other valuables) are at risk in the event your business gets sued.

STEP 5: Set up business accounting

To understand the financial results of your company, tracking your various expenses and sources of income howsoever small is very important. Your annual tax return is also greatly simplified by maintaining accurate and detailed records.

STEP 6: Check if your business requires additional licenses and permits

This goes back to the point of staying on the right side of the law. Please do check if your business requires additional licenses and permits because failure to acquire the required permits and licenses can result in hefty fines, or cause the business to be shut down.

STEP 7: Buy Business Insurance to protect against risks

Buying insurance is highly recommended for all business owners. Workers Compensation, Medical Insurance, Theft Insurance and others are required to protect yourself adequately. The amount of insurance can vary based on the amount involved in your business.

STEP 8: Build a brand.

It is vital for any business to build a brand. It will define what your business stands for and how it is perceived by your customers. A strong brand will help your business stand out from competitors.

STEP 9: Create a Digital Presence

In today's world, customers are mostly on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Google. Therefore it is very important to have a presence over the internet. Besides, a website is an absolute must which ensures customers can find you when they search for your business in the web

STEP 10: Get Started

No matter how much planning and detail you put, one can never plan enough. There is bound to be something unexpected that will come your way which you would need to face bravely. So don't wait for the perfect day or perfect moment - jump in with your senses wide open!!!

But all said and done, getting the basics firmly in place helps to weather unforeseen storms which can tilt your business. The golden rule is -- keep your eyes and ears open!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Why are more and more Indians Learning German?

More and more people in India are learning Foreign Languages. The most popular foreign
languages being French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin. There are
different reasons why people learn the German language and they can be briefly
described as –
1. It is part of school syllabus and curriculum as the 3rd language – All Kendriya
Vidyalayas and International Schools and ICSE schools offer German as a 3rd language.
This has led to immense demand for learning German from Students from over 500+ schools
in India.
2. One wishes to go to Germany for higher studies and one gets credit for knowing the
language. The number of students going to Germany has gone up sharply. Besides, higher
education has been made completely free which ensures students get quality education at a
much lower cost
3 A person maybe visiting Germany frequently on business and needs to interact with the
German counterparts and colleagues in their language. Top successfully MNCs like BMW,
BASF, Mercedes Benz, SAP, Siemens are based out of Germany. Germany is a top choice
for Engineering, Automobiles and Science.
4 Need to learn more about German language, literature and culture – Germany has a rich
heritage of literature and culture.

5. Need to live in Germany and must know the language – another reason why people learn
German is that they have to live in Germany and for which they definitely need to learn the
German Language

6. An avid traveller would want to interact with the local people during visits

7. Germany is one of the top economies of Europe and the language is spoken in several
European countries

Considering the growing popularity and requirement for German speaking professionals in German companies or in KPOs & BPOs amongst companies, experts predict tremendous growth in opportunities in this domain. For those evaluating career options, it is recommended to add this skillset to their kitty and move in at the earliest opportunity.

Palium Skills offers classroom training in Kolkata and online classes for German courses at different proficiency levels.

For whatever reason one needs to learn German, we are by your side helping you to reach your objective.

Advantages of studying at Palium Skills are many. Some of them are –

Our Advantage:

1. Small batch size ensures better learning

2. Excellent faculty with great knowledge and ability to teach the same in a straight forward manner

3. Interactive classes through different medium including conversations, audio and video means

4. Anytime admission and Flexible weekday/weekend schedule

5. Convenient locations - Salt Lake & South Kolkata

For more questions, call us and discuss about the learning opportunities here –

This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra who himself has studied German language from Palium Skills. The views shared are those of the individual and has no connection to the coaching center or teaching faculties.