Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Why are more and more Indians Learning German?

More and more people in India are learning Foreign Languages. The most popular foreign
languages being French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin. There are
different reasons why people learn the German language and they can be briefly
described as –
1. It is part of school syllabus and curriculum as the 3rd language – All Kendriya
Vidyalayas and International Schools and ICSE schools offer German as a 3rd language.
This has led to immense demand for learning German from Students from over 500+ schools
in India.
2. One wishes to go to Germany for higher studies and one gets credit for knowing the
language. The number of students going to Germany has gone up sharply. Besides, higher
education has been made completely free which ensures students get quality education at a
much lower cost
3 A person maybe visiting Germany frequently on business and needs to interact with the
German counterparts and colleagues in their language. Top successfully MNCs like BMW,
BASF, Mercedes Benz, SAP, Siemens are based out of Germany. Germany is a top choice
for Engineering, Automobiles and Science.
4 Need to learn more about German language, literature and culture – Germany has a rich
heritage of literature and culture.

5. Need to live in Germany and must know the language – another reason why people learn
German is that they have to live in Germany and for which they definitely need to learn the
German Language

6. An avid traveller would want to interact with the local people during visits

7. Germany is one of the top economies of Europe and the language is spoken in several
European countries

Considering the growing popularity and requirement for German speaking professionals in German companies or in KPOs & BPOs amongst companies, experts predict tremendous growth in opportunities in this domain. For those evaluating career options, it is recommended to add this skillset to their kitty and move in at the earliest opportunity.

Palium Skills offers classroom training in Kolkata and online classes for German courses at different proficiency levels.

For whatever reason one needs to learn German, we are by your side helping you to reach your objective.

Advantages of studying at Palium Skills are many. Some of them are –

Our Advantage:

1. Small batch size ensures better learning

2. Excellent faculty with great knowledge and ability to teach the same in a straight forward manner

3. Interactive classes through different medium including conversations, audio and video means

4. Anytime admission and Flexible weekday/weekend schedule

5. Convenient locations - Salt Lake & South Kolkata

For more questions, call us and discuss about the learning opportunities here –

This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra who himself has studied German language from Palium Skills. The views shared are those of the individual and has no connection to the coaching center or teaching faculties.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Making a Great Presentation

Delivering a presentation is always a challenge. One is never sure how much to include or what design is apt or which color combination goes well with the audience. The situation may get worse when one has to deliver a presentation at work at a very short notice? Don’t panic – just follow the below tips –
It might be simpler if you break up your presentation into multiple parts – available time, subject, your grip on the subject, your slides format and your delivery style.

During the Presentation or Your Delivery Style

Eye contact
We often see people staring into their laptops and reading out the slide. This can get boring. It is better if you can avoid reading the slide. Instead, you look confident when you make eye contact with the audience. Don’t look at any one person for a long time. Just make a point of moving your eyes gently across the audience as you deliver your speech.

Consider walking around taking small steps around the podium or around the audience. If you want to look like a professional presenter then add some movement into your presentation style. Walking around also helps to keep your audience from checking emails or talking amongst themselves. Don’t take fast, jerky movements, but slow, steady, purposeful movements as you walk across the stage or towards the audience. Movement all helps you read just your eye contact from person to person without having to move your head constantly.

The best presentation style is the one where every individual feels as if you are taking to him or her alone. Now this is not easy. Usually when you have a one-one conversation with someone you know you generally use your hands to describe or emphasize what you are saying. Do the same throughout your presentation for a professional effect. Importantly, avoid doing pre-determined gestures or movements that do sync to your script. Doing this makes the gestures appear unnatural and forced and comes across as un-natural.

Body position
It is always a matter of debate as to what to do with your hands during a speech or a presentation. It is suggested to keep a open body position during the presentation. Don’t cover your body for long periods of time by clasping your hands in front of you or behind your back… this will make you look nervous. Additionally, maintain a confident and relaxed stance.
Begin your presentation by asking a question instead of standard, boring introductions. If your presentation is about the launch of a new marketing campaign, perhaps begin by asking the audience, “Who thinks our marketing campaigns could do with a revamp?” Ask the question while you hold your hand in the air to encourage the audience to respond. After you get some responses follow up with, “Well today I’m going to tell about the new marketing campaign that is going to seriously revamp things.”

Start with the screen off
If you can, begin your presentation with the screen off and talk to the audience first from the center of the room. In the first few minutes of your presentation have a conversation with your audience without the slideshow . The more you talk to the audience in a conversational tone the more engaged they will be. You will be more relaxed and therefore project more confidence.

Don’t spend time over mistakes
If you make a mistake laugh at it, simply correct yourself, or move on. Do not keep talking or apologizing about the mistake.

Use presenter view if possible
When delivering your presentation use the presenter view with PowerPoint or Keynote so that you can see which slides are coming next. This improves your verbal transitioning and your confidence.

Slide Design and Content

Use a Slide Master
When using a MS Powerpoint or any other tool for creating a presentation slide deck, first thing one must do is to create a Slide Master. If you are not familiar with this useful tool then it may maybe to invest some time and money to learn this at the earliest. Palium Skills conducts training on Presentation Tools like Powerpoint, Keynote, This way you have all the design elements, headers, page numbers and logos in one single place. If you have to change them later then you need to only change the design in one single place.

Minimize content on slides
Try as hard as you can to have minimal content on your slides. Slides full of information are confusing for your audience and they will end up spending all their time reading rather than listening to you. Use white space liberally. Also try to use numbers and pictures which can convey the same message as a text.

Don’t show all the information at once
It might be a good idea to deliver the punch-line after you have completed the background or after the audience has heard you out like  “Our sales went up two times over the last year!”, “The best salesperson award goes to … !”. You may want to hold onto this information while sharing the background, or preamble of the subject. Showing it later, ie. when you deliver the impactful line, will add major impact to your presentation. If the audience sees the impactful information while you are giving the background or preamble, they will not be interested when you deliver the impactful statement.

Animation on the Slide
Do not have too much animation on your slide. Initially it seems like a good idea to have animations at every step but it can often slow you down during the actual deliver. Remembering talking takes less time than reading and naturally if you have to wait for the text to appear on your slide then it can get boring.

Color combination
Choose the colors depending on the audience and the occasion. It might be good idea to have colorful slides when addressing a young group on lighter topics. But stick to more sober colors when making official presentations and presenting to senior officials.

This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra. The views shared are those of the individual and he has no connection to any coaching centers or teaching faculties.
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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Making Money through Digital Marketing

I am undergoing Digital Marketing course training at Palium Skills. Incourse of training, I have learnt about what is digital marketing, how to write great content, how to drive traffic to my website for free and how to put paid advertisements in the different online media. The course covered all aspects of digital marketing in a very lucid and easy to understand manner.
One thing I have learnt in course of this course is that it is not easy to make money through digital marketing unlike what some institutes or digital marketing companies would have us believe. I have learnt the different nuances of digital advertisement like CPC, CPM, PPC etc. which now make sense to me.
The best realization that I have got is that it is not easy to earn money off the web whether it is Youtube or Facebook. It takes a lot of effort to develop quality content and then even more effort and patience to start earning from them!
Wish to share with you all that while you are going through number of online advertisements which commits a lot about making huge money by online ad posts in Youtube, Facebook, Google AdWords and related other social media sites please do not be fooled easily by those colorful ads.They are just a medium for the concern to attract masses and in return earn for themselves a hefty amount online based upon your subscription to their channel.
It is true that in present day of electronic media Digital Marketing is a vital source of advertisement for attracting viewers worldwide compared to all other sources related with Marketing of Products,Concepts etc.
However earning a lot of money by online means may sound very attractive while you  are listening to those video links but in reality it is not so easy one to make a large percentage of viewers feels attract towards your video ad posts. What matters most is the quality of your video. If the video is of good quality and offers solution to the needs of an individual then they will definitely go through your video.
Number of points should be kept in minds before posting the ads :
1) Make the video format Short and Simple for people to understand easily.
2) The points mentioned should be clear.
3) Preparation of your own paid channel/video links on the Youtube in order to attract number of online viewers also effective one (The cost-pricing to be followed as per the Youtube mentions Say--More U pay,more days the advertise lasts on the link and  more number of viewers on Youtube it will help you to avail).
4) Most vital step after running your video on Youtube is to have more and more people look at it. So after uploading your video go ahead and share your URL with known contacts say-friends, colleagues, relatives and ask them to subscribe to your channel thereby generating more potential customer support for you in future.
As you can make out - content is still the king and unless you have good content it is very difficult to be successful through online digital marketing.
This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra. The views shared are those of the individual and he has no connection to any coaching centers or teaching faculties.
Palium conducts classroom and online trainings based on demand to meet specific needs of customer. In course of training participants learn and understand concepts from knowledgeable trainers which help them to implement them at their workplace.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Comparison between PMP and PRINCE2 Certifications

There are two popular Project Management Certifications world-wide – one is PMP while the other one is PRINCE2.  They have certifications called Project Management Professional , called PMP in short, conducted by PMI and PRINCE2 delivered by Axelos.
These two certifications are equally reputed and accepted across the globe. In this article we will compare the two certifications. Before that let us understand what they are.
PMP (Project Management Professional)
PMP certification is not restricted to any particular industry but it covers all concepts of Project Management which are applicable across projects. Thus people can leverage PMP irrespective of their industry background.
PMP gives you knowledge and skills which are necessary for successful project management and delivery.
PRINCE 2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments)
Owned by UK's Cabinet Office, PRINCE2 is the  project management methodology which was  designed  for various projects of the UK government. Presently it is owned by a new joint venture company called AXELOS based in UK. 
It consists of 3 stages of certification:
1.     Foundation Course (It is basic level and easy to pass)
2.     PRINCE2 Practitioner (moderate level )
3.     PRINCE2 Professional (It is expert level)
One needs to pass the Foundation level certification before one can do the Practitioner level certification. It is not uncommon for individuals to do both the levels at the same time.
Some people believe that PMP is more oriented towards service sector projects while PRINCE2 is more aligned towards manufacturing and industrial sectors. They insist that the methodologies should be applied to their industries only to be more effective.
Based on usage of the methodologies, we find that PMP is generally used by American companies for their projects. These companies utilize PMP certified project managers to deliver their projects across the world or geography.
Prince2 on the other hand is primarily used in UK and Europe. Besides, it is also used in other colonial countries of UK like Canada, Australia and parts of Middle-East and Asia. Often, Aid agencies of UK and Europe undertake projects in developing countries and insist on PRINCE2 certified Project Managers.
So whenever an individual wants to get certified in Project Management they are unsure of which certification to follow. One way to decide is to check the geography in which the person will deliver projects. Based on the company and the geography, they can choose the appropriate certification.
While both the certifications are comparable and acceptable, one should remember that PMP Certification is equivalent to PRINCE2 practitioner level only. We also find that there are individuals who have done both the certifications. However, it is not necessary to do both – as both of them are equivalent. On the other hand we find several talented individuals who do not have either of these certifications but are experts in Project Management.
As far as differences among the exams go, PMP examination is conducted in Online Mode only while PRINCE2 is available in Online and Paper exam modes. Some individuals are more comfortable with paper exams and hence they often choose PRINCE2 for their certifications. PMP exams are multiple choice questions while the Prince2 foundation is fully multiple choice while Practitioner exam is scenario based and more elaborate.
If one wish to focus on a career as a Project Manager then it is better to go for certification – which one to do should be driven by the geography in which they operate.
PaliumSkills offers training on PRINCE2 and PMP Certification to individuals and corporates. Our experienced team of Project Management professionals guides individuals through the certification process.
Palium also conducts trainings on demand to meet specific needs of customer. In course of training participants learn and understand concepts from knowledgeable trainers which help them to implement them at their workplace.
This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra. The views shared are those of the individual and he has no connection to any coaching centers or teaching faculties.

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