Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Making Money through Digital Marketing

I am undergoing Digital Marketing course training at Palium Skills. Incourse of training, I have learnt about what is digital marketing, how to write great content, how to drive traffic to my website for free and how to put paid advertisements in the different online media. The course covered all aspects of digital marketing in a very lucid and easy to understand manner.
One thing I have learnt in course of this course is that it is not easy to make money through digital marketing unlike what some institutes or digital marketing companies would have us believe. I have learnt the different nuances of digital advertisement like CPC, CPM, PPC etc. which now make sense to me.
The best realization that I have got is that it is not easy to earn money off the web whether it is Youtube or Facebook. It takes a lot of effort to develop quality content and then even more effort and patience to start earning from them!
Wish to share with you all that while you are going through number of online advertisements which commits a lot about making huge money by online ad posts in Youtube, Facebook, Google AdWords and related other social media sites please do not be fooled easily by those colorful ads.They are just a medium for the concern to attract masses and in return earn for themselves a hefty amount online based upon your subscription to their channel.
It is true that in present day of electronic media Digital Marketing is a vital source of advertisement for attracting viewers worldwide compared to all other sources related with Marketing of Products,Concepts etc.
However earning a lot of money by online means may sound very attractive while you  are listening to those video links but in reality it is not so easy one to make a large percentage of viewers feels attract towards your video ad posts. What matters most is the quality of your video. If the video is of good quality and offers solution to the needs of an individual then they will definitely go through your video.
Number of points should be kept in minds before posting the ads :
1) Make the video format Short and Simple for people to understand easily.
2) The points mentioned should be clear.
3) Preparation of your own paid channel/video links on the Youtube in order to attract number of online viewers also effective one (The cost-pricing to be followed as per the Youtube mentions Say--More U pay,more days the advertise lasts on the link and  more number of viewers on Youtube it will help you to avail).
4) Most vital step after running your video on Youtube is to have more and more people look at it. So after uploading your video go ahead and share your URL with known contacts say-friends, colleagues, relatives and ask them to subscribe to your channel thereby generating more potential customer support for you in future.
As you can make out - content is still the king and unless you have good content it is very difficult to be successful through online digital marketing.
This article is written by Abhijoy Mitra. The views shared are those of the individual and he has no connection to any coaching centers or teaching faculties.
Palium conducts classroom and online trainings based on demand to meet specific needs of customer. In course of training participants learn and understand concepts from knowledgeable trainers which help them to implement them at their workplace.

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